Equipment Hire

Want to tackle a project but don't want to spend your hard earned cash on equipment that you'll only use once? Handi-Hire has the perfect solution!

We rent out everything from air compressors, to cleaning equipment, to painting goods, pumps and generators. You can count on our team to provide the equipment you need for home renovations, building, landscaping, gardening and much more. Our 30 years of operation is testament to our ability to meet the needs of local customers with safe, quality products.

If you have any questions about our wide product range, or wish to organise a rental, don't hesitate to to get in touch with our friendly team today! We are based in Woolgoolga, and we service the Northern Beaches and Coffs Harbour regions!

Air & Electric Compressors

If you need to fill your tractor tyres with air or power your air tools, be sure to call Handi-Hire. We offer convenient air and electric compressor hire in the Northern Beaches region. Our team offer:

  • 15CFM Electric compressor.

Automative Tools

To help you keep your car in top notch condition at a price that won't hurt your hip pocket, we hire out a wide array of automotive tools. We have items to suit most vehicle makes and models. You can view some of our readily identifiable items below. If you would like to request information on our complete range, or a specific item, don't hesitate to contact our Woolgoolga automotive tool hire professionals today!

  • Car stands
  • Ramps
  • Engine hoist
  • Tension wrench.

Compacting Equipment

Looking to compact your soil before paving? Want to flatten uneven road gravel or stone? At Hand-Hire, we have a variety of plate compactors and rammers available to rent.

  • 90kg Plate Compactor
  • Plate Rammer

Concreting Equipment & Tools

To help you tackle concreting jobs big and small, we hire out a wide range of efficient tools and equipment. Our friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your project with you and recommend the most appropriate equipment to get the job done. You can browse through our concrete tools and products below:

  • Bolt cutters
  • Bull float
  • Concrete hand tools
  • Electric concrete mixer
  • Petrol concrete mixer
  • Concrete wheelbarrow
  • Concrete vibrator with drive unit
  • Porta - vibe
  • Concrete drive unit - petrol powered
  • Concrete vibrator shaft
  • Concrete extn vibrator shaft
  • Road saw with diamond blade
  • Floor grinder diamond blade
  • Quick cut saw
  • Straight edge screed
  • Troweling machine
  • Cut & break saw
  • Concrete floor grinder with dust extraction unit
  • Electric quick cut.

Digging Equipment

Need a digger for your landscaping, renovation, extension or building project? Call Handi-Hire. We hire out equipment from leading brands Bosch and Dingo. You can browse through our complete list of digging equipment below.

  • Mini Loader with bucket, trencher and / or post hole digger
  • Augers for Mini Loader 200mm, 300mm, 450mm
  • Medium breaker
  • Medium breaker on tile trolley
  • Large Bosch demo breaker
  • 1.3 tonne mini excavator

Electric Tools & Accessories

Get the right tools for the job the hassle-free and affordable way with Handi-Hire. Our friendly team are happy to provide equipment for tradies, subcontractors as well as home handymen. The following is a list of the tools we have available for hire. If you have any questions about our wide range of equipment, you can contact us on 6654 2033.

  • Angle grinder 9" with or without cutting or grinding discs
  • Circular saw 9" with Tungsten blade
  • Cut-off saw - Metal 14"
  • Hammer drill 750w 13mm
  • Drill - cordless 12volt
  • Drill - electric / tech screw gun
  • Drill - rotary hammer
  • Drop saw with blade
  • Extension leads
  • Earth leakage box - safety)
  • Extension lead safety stand
  • Gas gun (paslode)
  • Heat Gun 240 volt
  • Jigsaw
  • Slide compound saw with tungsten blade
  • Soldering iron 240 volt
  • Electrical tag testing
  • Dry wall sander
  • Core drill
  • And many more.

Fans & Blowers

Keep your worksite cool and reduce dust with our 24 inch pedestal fan, available to rent at a very competitive rate.

Flooring Equipment

For a flawless floor, be sure to call Handi-Hire in Woolgoolga. We will provide you with the equipment you need to service both indoor and outdoor floor spaces. Tile cutting services can also be provided. Our extensive range includes the following:

  • Carpet kicker
  • Floor clamps (per pair)
  • Floor edger 7" & discs
  • Sash cramps per pair
  • Secret nailers & staples
  • Floor sander 8" drum
  • Tile cutter / wet saw up to 450mm
  • Tile cutter small up to 300mm
  • Tile cutter medium up to 450mm
  • Coil nail gun & nails
  • Floor orbital sander
  • Floor buffer.


To assist you with the concrete pouring and structural support for your new home building project, we offer tough and durable screw jacks, as well as Acrow props. We will recommend the most appropriate formwork product for your site, ensuring you receive the optimal stability.

Gardening Tools & Equipment

Let Handi-Hire help you keep your garden looking gorgeous. We rent out everything from soil spreaders, to chainsaws, to post hole diggers. Our tools are suitable for both large body corporate projects as well as use around the home. The options we have available include:

  • Garden tools/ shovels
  • Lawnmower
  • Wire strainers - fence
  • Blower vacuum - 2 stroke
  • Brush cutter nylon cord or blade
  • Chainsaw (fuelled with chain)
  • Chainsaw electric
  • Knapsack sprayer - hand pump
  • Lawn aerator spike roller
  • Lawn roller - smooth water-fill
  • Easylevel - soil spreader
  • Hedge trimmer 16" electric
  • Pole saw up to 3m reach
  • Post rammer - Star picket
  • Post-hole digger 4,6,8,10" - hand operated
  • Post-hole diggers (150, 200, 250, 300mm augers)
  • Post rammer - star picket
  • Sledgehammer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Star picket remover
  • Chainsaw borer with drill
  • Post-hole shovel
  • Rotary hoe Mulcher
  • 4" Wood chipper.


If you are working in a remote location, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of power. Fortunately, we offer affordable generator rentals in Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches region. Our generator options include

  • 2.2 KVA
  • 3.0 KVA
  • 4.0 KVA
  • 5.3 KVA
  • 8.0 KVA
  • 40 KVA
  • Distribution box
  • 3 Phase extension lead (20m)

High-Pressure Water Cleaners

Perfect for graffiti removal, mould and moss, getting rid of oil stains and clearing away flaking paint, we have two powerful types of high pressure water cleaners at Handi-Hire. These include:

  • Electric 1500 psi pressure cleaner
  • Petrol-powered 3000 psi pressure cleaner
  • Rotary pressure cleaner head attachment.


We have a range of hoses available, including 2-inch layflat hose for all of your pump requirements.

Hoisting & Handling Equipment

At Handi-Hire, we are committed to helping you achieve your construction objectives safely and efficiently. That's why we rent out hoisting and handling equipment in Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and the Northern Beaches. The following is rented out by our staff:

  • Pallet truck / jack
  • Panel lift 3.3m
  • Stair trolley - 3 wheel
  • 2 wheel trolley
  • Dogs & chains
  • Piano trolley.


At Handi-Hire, we have a 1.5 tonne trolley/floor jack available to rent at a very competitive rate.

Ladders - Extension & Step

Whether you're painting your gutters, cleaning your windows or engaging in any other raised work, our expert team can provide a safe ladder to meet your needs. Our options include:

  • Step ladder 3ft, 6ft, 8ft
  • Extension ladder (to 7m).

Miscellaneous Hire Equipment

A great array of products for a wide array of applications are offered by our Woolgoolga equipment hire professionals. These include:

  • Fibro cutters
  • G-clamps (per pair)
  • Water tank - 1000 litre
  • Pop riveter
  • 3/16 air Metal detector
  • Measuring wheel
  • Steel ramps
  • Paper shredder.

Mobile Aluminium Towers

Need some assistance with your scaffolding? Handi-Hire can can provide a mobile aluminium tower option to meet your needs and budget. 2m to 11m tower options are available. To discover the tower that's right for your particular project, give our friendly team a call today!

Painting Equipment

Apply that fresh coat of paint promptly and professionally with Handi-Hire Woolgoolga. We have a great range of modern painting equipment available for hire and suitable for jobs large and small. Our range includes the following:

  • Airless spray unit
  • Paint trestles - 4" to 14"
  • Plank clamps to suit aluminium planks
  • Aluminium planks 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m
  • Wallpaper stripper.

Plumbing Equipment

Don't buy expensive plumbing equipment for a one-off job. Call Handi-Hire! Our Woolgoolga plumbing equipment hire experts will listen to your requirements, and recommend the most appropriate tools.


We hire out a diverse variety of water pumps for a number of applications. Whether you want to lift fluid from a wellbore, have easy access to water for firefighting, or need a new petrol pump system, we have what you need and more. Our pump range includes:

  • Pump 212 with drive unit & hose
  • Porta-pump
  • Electrical submersible pump 1" with del hose
  • Electrical submersible pump 2" with del hose
  • Electric displace pump with 3m suction
  • Centrifugal pump petrol
  • Fire fighter c/w 5m suction.

Safety Gear

At Handi-Hire, we are all about helping you go about your work safely. Because of this, we are proud to offer safety gear hire in Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches region. Our gear available for rent includes:

  • Witches hats T
  • Top bollards
  • Road bollards.

Toilets & Showers

Whether it's for a construction site, community event or party, we will supply toilet and shower facilities to meet your needs. We will provide, as well as help setup and pack down, the following:

  • Chemical toilet
  • Shower cubical
  • Shower/Party toilet combination
  • Party toilet
  • Toilet trailer.